Oct 27, 2011

Uncertain Future of Three Dhallywood Movies (Review) - Lal Tip, Uttorer Sur And Ak Takar Denmohor

Foreigner artist has performed at movie; but didn't take any permission for this from government. Future of such some movies has uncertained. Known that, Lal Tip, Uttorer Sur and Ak Takar Denmohor these movies have detained at Cinema Sensor Board for the release certificate recently. Foreigner artists has performed in these three movies. Lal Tip movie has been shoot in France and Ak Takar Denmohor has been shoot in Thailand. In this way Sensor law of 1999 and going to foreign cinema shooting terms have been said, such as going to foreign for shooting will be taken permission from goverment, like that performing at movie of foreign artist will be taken permission from existing department of government.

Lal Tip

Ak Takar Denmohor movie declares of releasing in this Eid-ul-fitar. The movie has passed from sensor board without any cutting, but it has detained for release certificate reason of performing of foreign artists. Director M. B. Manik of the movie has said, permission will be taken for performing of foreign artists, it was not know. In necessary we will discord the two songs.

Lal Tip and Uttorer Sur movie's producer industry Impress Telefilm's director Ibone Hasan has said, we don't know that Lal Tip and Uttorer Sur the two movies has detained. Still now we did not get any mail of this. After getting mail next solution will take.

Kusum and Imon in Lal Tip

Vice chairman of sensor board Mohammad Jahangir has said, we are investigating about this. If anybody does work without taking permission, so it will be taken step with following law.

Opu Bishwas and Shakib Khan in Ak Takar Denmohor

Information councilor Hedayet Ullah Al Mamun has said, which will be done, it will be done in law. Sensor board will do their work and government observe it has whether or not been broken laws. If anyone has done anything by breaking law, than there government will take decision as like him. If it is in terms before performing of foreigner artists, so that laws should be followed. This field what will be next step it will decide government.

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