Oct 22, 2011

Bangladeshi Eid Movies - Some Releasable Dhallywood Movies On This Eid (2011)

There are many problems to release Eid movies. It is not so far Eid is coming. But the cinema hall’s owners do not know yet which movie will be released on this Eid. Mainly the releasing problem of Eid movie is creating for the bangla movie “Boss Number One”. As the problem of releasing the movie from producer co-operative also problem to release from sensor board.

Shakib Khan and Opu Bishwas in 'Priya Amar Jann' movie

Other side, Chhoto Songsar, Projapoti, Adorer Jamai, Priya Amar Jaan, King Khan -these bangle movies are ready to release on this Eid. But till the end which movie will finally be released anyone can not tell. Director Bodiul Alam Khokon has said that, the bangle movie “Amar Challenge” will also be released on this Eid. Without these, it is hearing that “Ak Takar Denmohor” may be released.

But booking agents are saying that, during the Eid the cinema hall’s owners do not take the big movies to the outside of Dhaka, they run recent released movies in their halls. For this reason, where would get 300 to 350 halls before to show the Eid movies, now there to get is very difficult only 200 halls. So the many movies will not be released during the Eid. Why the movies are not final to release, the hall’s owners are also regretted for this reason.

If movie is not released, it is lose for the producers. Anamul Haque has said, if the movie releasing would be final, the cinema hall’s owners can take movie certainly. Till the end which movie will be released, we have to wait watching that some more days.

Releasable movies of this Eid-ul-azha / Kurbani Eid (2011)
• Boss Number One
• Chhoto Songsar
• Projapoti
• Adorer Jamai
• Priya Amar Jaan
• King Khan
• Amar Challenge
• Ak Takar Denmohor


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