Oct 22, 2011

Bangla Movie Hello Memsaheb (2011) Review -Jeet And Priyanka Trivedy

Jeet’s upcoming film Hello Memsaheb is coming soon. The movie is directed by Shiboprasad Mukherjee. It will be released on 30th Septeber, 2011. You can read this bangla movie review at this blog.

• Megh- Jeet
• Mita- Priyanka Trivedy
• Tinga- Arirtra
• Gaju- Kanchan
• Menon- Bratya Basu
• Jeeta- Dimpy
• Aveek- Biswanath

An MBA from USA, returns home to head his father’s real estate business. Megh happens to see a beautiful girl on the road. It is love at first sight. He follows her home and takes up the guise of an Oriya servant in an attempt to be close to the woman of his dreams.

A beautiful young girl left all alone in this world after a tragic accident which snatched her sister from her life but left behind her little nephew, Tinga, to care for. Mita is vulnerable and naive. She has never seen her new Boss so she takes Megh at face value and is thrilled by the services he is doling out at home - specifically keeping the naughty Tinga in check. When she discovers her new servant’s real identity, there is a hell to pay.

Mita’s one and only nephew and the only relative she has left in this world. Tinga is extremely naughty and difficult to control and his aunt finds it difficult to manage both him and her office at the same time. When Megh enters their household as the new servant the two enter into a secret pact to keep the entire charcade a secret from his aunt. They are true comrades-in-arm.

The actual Oriya servant sent by Mita’s aunt from Bhuwaneshwar. Goju is a pawn in the hands of both Megh and Tinga and has to abide by their wishes at all time.

More about this movie:
Story- Nandita Roy
Screenplay & Dialogue- Nandita Roy & Shiboprasad Mukherjee
Lyrics & Music- Surojit Chatterjee (Bhoomi)
Director of Photography- Premananda Bikash Chaki, Goopi Bhagat & Joydep Bose

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