Oct 24, 2011

Bangla Movie Challenge (2009) - Download Full Movie (DAT Format)

Challenge is a bangla movie which was super hit movie of that year. The movie is directed by Raj Chakraborty. Challenge is all about angry & hotty Dev with his new look. He plyed as Abir in the movie. Subhashree has nothing much to do. She is just a glam doll & is ok in her role as a chirpy, spoilt 18 years old. The movie is an action movie. To download the movie go to the below download links.

Casts: Dev
            Subhashree Ganguly
            Biswajit Chakraborty
            Labani Sarkar
            Rajatava Dutta

Movie Details:
Director # Raj Chakraborty
Presenter # Shree Venkatesh Films
Music Director # Jeet Ganguly
Cinematographer # Somak Mukharjee
Editor # Rabiranjan Moitra
Playback Singer # Shaan
                            Shreya Ghoshal
                            June Banerjee
                            Dibyendu Saha
                            Jeet Ganguly
                            Kunal Ganjawala
Date of release # March 3, 2009

Download Links:::
Part 1.DAT
Part 2.DAT
Part 3.DAT
Part 4.DAT
Part 5.DAT
Part 6.DAT
Part 7.DAT
Part 8.DAT
Part 9.DAT
Part 10.DAT
Part 11.DAT

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